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Payment Problems

  • How long is the proxy valid?

    Rotating residential proxies are valid for 30 days by default from the date of purchase.

    During this period, you can make full use of the proxy service to provide more choices and privacy protection for your network activities. After the validity period expires, your rotating residential proxy will expire. This means that you will no longer be able to use the proxy to access the Internet until you purchase a new proxy service or renew the existing service.

    In addition, if your package needs to be valid for more than 30 days, you can contact support to customize your needs.

  • What do I need to use NaProxy?

    In order to use NaProxy's services normally, you need to ensure that your network environment is an overseas network environment.

  • What should I do if I have more needs and questions?

    If the tips in the help center cannot help solve your needs and problems, you can contact our technical support (telegram/ skype/ WA/ E-mail)

  • After successful payment, how long does it take to activate my proxy?

    If you have successfully paid (for example, if the payment status is "paid" under the invoice of the package you purchased), the package will be activated in your account in 30s-120s. If you are sure that the invoice status is "paid" but you have not received the package, you can refresh the webpage to check whether the package is activated. If you have any questions, you can just contact our Telegram/ WA/ Skype (get a quick contact channel on the NaProxy official website)

IP Extraction Problems

  • payment methods

    Rotating residential proxies are charged based on actual data consumption, while unlimited residential proxies and static residential proxies are charged based on validity period.

    You can view the prices of each package on the "Pricing" page of the NaProxy official website.

  • How is it charged?

    Rotating residential proxies are charged based on actual data consumption, while unlimited residential proxies and static residential proxies are charged based on validity period.

    You can view the prices of each package on the "Pricing" page of the NaProxy official website.

  • How to pay?

    NaProxy official website provides a variety of payment methods such as virtual currency, paypal, visa, Alipay-HK, Bitcoin, etc. You can view our payment methods by clicking the "Buy plan" button. If you encounter any needs or questions during the payment process, you can just contact us via telegram/ skype/ whatsapp/ E-mail.

  • Can I get a free trial before purchasing a plan?

    NaProxy provides 500M free trial data. You can contact NaProxy's business manager via telegram/ skype/ whatsapp (there is a quick contact channel in the lower right corner of the NaProxy official website homepage) to get free trial data.

    In addition, if 500M of free test data is not enough for your test, you can purchase a small package and contact our business team to get a discount.

IP Proxy Problems

  • Can I get a discount?

    There will be frequent promotions on our website.

    You can also contact NaProxy's business manager (TG:, Skype/WA) to get additional discounts (the corresponding contact information is available on the NaProxy official website homepage)

    In addition, new and old customers will also receive our special promotional emails.

  • Which protocols do you support?

    NaProxy supports three protocols: HTTP(s)/ SOCKS5. For the transport layer protocol, we support TCP.

    1.HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): used to communicate between web browsers and web servers, and supports obtaining and sending web pages, resources, and data.

    2.HTTPS (HTTP Security): It is the HTTP protocol protected by TLS/SSL encryption, which is used to securely transmit sensitive data, such as user login information and payment details.

    3.TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): Provides reliable, connection-oriented data transmission for establishing reliable data transmission channels between applications in the network.

    4.SOCKS5 uses Secure Shell (SSH) tunneling to transmit data. This method provides secure remote transmission across the network.

  • How to buy a customized proxy package?

    You can contact our customer service by email WA/ skype(The corresponding contact information is available on the homepage of NaProxy official website)

    NaProxy's customer service team will do their best to provide you with satisfactory service and work hard to solve the problems you encounter when using the proxy software. If you have any other needs or questions, just contact us! NaProxy looks forward to your consultation

  • How to use IP proxy to improve SEO effect

    I. Introduction

    In today's digital marketing world, search engine optimization (SEO) has become an important means to increase website traffic and online visibility. However, with the intensification of competition and the advancement of technology, SEO work faces many challenges. For example, the difference in search results in different regions, the monitoring of competitors, and the complexity of data collection may affect our SEO strategy. Fortunately, IP proxy can help us deal with these problems. Today, I would like to share how to use IP proxy, especially Naproxy , to improve SEO results.

    2. The role of IP proxy in SEO

    1. Simulate user search behavior in different regions

    SEO optimization is not just for the local market, but also needs to consider the search behavior of global users. However, users in different countries and regions may use different search engines and keywords. By using IP proxies, we can simulate the search behavior of users in different regions, understand the search trends of the target market, and optimize our website content and keyword strategies.

    2. Hide your real IP address to prevent competitors from tracking you

    In the fierce market competition, it is very important to protect our SEO strategy and data security. Using an IP proxy can hide our real IP address and prevent competitors from tracking our activities through IP, thereby protecting our SEO strategy from being leaked.

    3. Improve data collection and analysis efficiency

    SEO work requires a lot of data support, such as keyword rankings, competitor website analysis, user behavior data, etc. Using IP proxy can help us collect data more efficiently, avoid being restricted or blocked due to frequent visits to the same website, and thus improve the efficiency of data collection and analysis.

    3. Unique advantages of Naproxy

    Among many IP proxy services, Naproxy has become the only choice for SEO professionals due to its unique advantages.

    1. High-speed and stable connection

    Naproxy provides high-speed and stable connections, ensuring that our work efficiency will not be affected by network delays or unstable connections when collecting and analyzing SEO data.

    2. Global server network

    Naproxy has a global server network, and users can choose proxy servers in different countries and regions as needed. This enables us to flexibly perform cross-regional SEO optimization and data collection.

    3. Strong privacy protection and security measures

    Naproxy uses advanced encryption technology to provide multi-level privacy protection to ensure that our data will not be leaked during transmission. At the same time, its security measures can effectively prevent hacker attacks and protect our SEO strategy and data security.

    4. User-friendly operation interface

    Naproxy's user interface is simple and clear, and even first-time users can quickly get started. Users can easily select and configure proxy servers and enjoy a convenient user experience.

    4. Specific usage scenarios and case studies

    1. Check the website's search ranking in different countries and regions

    Through Naproxy, we can easily simulate users from different countries and regions and check our website's global search rankings. For example, the SEO team of a multinational company simulated user search behavior in the Asian market through Naproxy and found that their website's local ranking had a lot of room for improvement, and then optimized the content and keywords in a targeted manner.

    2. Collect competitor website data

    When conducting SEO competition analysis, we need to collect competitor website data. Naproxy can help us collect data through multiple proxy servers to avoid being discovered and restricted by competitors. For example, one of our clients collected competitor website data through Naproxy, successfully analyzed the competitor's SEO strategy, and adjusted his own optimization plan accordingly.

    3. Manage multiple SEO projects

    Naproxy is an ideal solution for professionals who need to manage multiple SEO projects at the same time. By choosing different proxy servers, we can collect and analyze data for multiple projects at the same time, avoiding being restricted by frequent visits to the same website.

    5. How to set up and use Naproxy to improve SEO results

    1. Register and download Naproxy

    To use Naproxy, you first need to register an account on its official website. The registration process is very simple, and you only need to provide basic personal information and contact information. After registration, we can download the Naproxy client software and select the corresponding version according to the operating system for installation.

    2. Choose a suitable proxy server

    After the installation is complete, we need to log in to the Naproxy client and select a suitable proxy server. According to the SEO tasks that need to be performed, choose the best server location. Naproxy provides a wealth of server resources, and we can freely choose according to our needs.

    3. Configure Naproxy client

    After logging in, we can make relevant settings and configurations in the Naproxy client. Select the desired proxy server, configure the network connection parameters, and enable encryption protection and anonymity functions as needed. The operation interface of Naproxy is simple and clear, and even first-time users can easily get started.

    4. Practical operation steps and precautions

    When using Naproxy for SEO work, we need to pay attention to some practical steps and precautions. For example, avoid frequent changes of IP addresses, maintain a stable connection to the proxy server, etc. These detailed operations can help us better use Naproxy for efficient SEO optimization.

    VI. Conclusion

    In summary, the importance of IP proxy in SEO work is self-evident. By hiding the real IP address, simulating the search behavior of users in different regions, and providing encryption protection and anonymity functions, IP proxy can help us bypass geographical restrictions, conduct effective data collection and market analysis, protect privacy and ensure the security of SEO strategies. As an efficient IP proxy service, Naproxy has become the only choice for SEO professionals with its high-speed and stable connection, global server network, and strong privacy protection and security measures. We encourage SEO practitioners to try using Naproxy to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of SEO optimization, and provide Naproxy registration and trial information to help everyone get started quickly and enjoy the convenience and advantages it brings.

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